jQuery on submit validation, with modal dialog at the end?

I have a form at the moment I’d like to validate, and assuming everything is correct, I’d like it to then popup a dialog confirming their details, here’s an example of the code I have so far:

var userConfirmed = false;

    buttons: {
        "Yes": function() {
            userConfirmed = true;
        "No, I'll change them.": function() {

// check they've submitted what they need to
$("form").submit(function() {

    // lots of these
    if (something) {
        return false;


    return userConfirmed;


The initial validation works fine - it checks against the criteria and flags up as appropiate, and if none of that criteria is met, it’ll display the modal box just as I want. So far, so good.

The problem however is when I press ‘yes’ to submit the form, it doesn’t submit, until you press the actual ‘submit’ button again, argh!

Any suggestions would be very welcome, thank you.