JQuery modal Popup dialog submit

I want to explain one of the requirement i have with the jquery dialog submit function

I want to display a confirmation message/or an error message after the successful submission of the form in the same modal dialog box.
is it possible?
if yes! can i get some ideas about this

in other words,

I have a jquery dialog box in my site which opens for sign in in my site.

in this i am able to do all the java script validations.

but i want to get the result of the validations from db(if the user is registered or not) using php and display the message in the same dialog and redirect it to another page through a link provided in the page

Hope my problem was clear

can i get any immediate help!!!

Thanx in advance

Yes this is very possible. Jquery works great with this type of thing.
You would use Ajax to communicate with back-end scripts.