JQuery not loading


I am working on a site which is working fine locally. I have uploaded it to my staging server and the JQuery doesn’t seem to be loading (which is hosted by Google).

Can anyone please assist to let me know what the issue might be?

An image slider should appear on this page, but instead the images are just loading one under the other.

And a JQuery “scroll to” should work for the sub nav on this page, but again it’s not working once the site is live.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Seems to work fine for me.

I don’t even think that I can even see a sub nav on that page.

The about page should have a slider, but all I can see are the images appearing under each other. Screenshot attached.

Is the slider appearing for you? I’ve check on two computers, and cleared my cache and it’s not working.

The sub nav is a horizontal list with blue links (in the white area).

Oh I get it. The link you provided was incorrect, so I’m just being taken to your home page

Do you feel like giving us a correct link to the page with the subnav that’s having trouble?

The slider works for me, too, BUT … it took ages for the page to load fully, during which time the images appeared as you describe. So it seems there’s a long delay in the script loading, which needs some attention.

The sub nav is a horizontal list with blue links (in the white area).

There doen’t appear to be blue links in the second page you linked to (where you said the problem occurs).


Ah, Paul beat me on that point. Yes, the link is presumably the wrong one.)

The slider is the “About” page. Strangely, if the page stays loaded, the slider appears after about 20 seconds. Why would this be the case?

The sub nav should have a smooth “scroll to” and is on the “Gourmet Products” page. And the arrows under each product category should scroll back to top.


Sorry about the link being wrong.

Thanks Ralph, do you have any idea why the script wouldn’t load immediately? The link to JQuery is in the header of the HTML.

And I’m pretty sure it’s Jquery, not the slider itself, as that’s why the scroll to links (not to mention the lightbox product images) aren’t working.

Something is forcing the page to wait until it has finished loading. Could it be something like the document.write getting in the way?

As I mentioned, some of your scripts are taking an eternity to load (over a minute for me). It seems livereload.js is taking a long time in particular. Once the gourmet page finally loads, the scrolling works there, too.

Sorry, maybe a dumb question, but what is the document.write?

Is it perhaps something to do with my (pretty ordinary) hosting? Maybe their settings or something?

Maybe live reload is stuffing it up. It’s an application that reloads browsers automatically when changes are made locally.

I’ll try and remove that tonight and see if that fixes it.

Stay tuned!


Yes, as I mentioned above, it is taking an eternity for livereload.js to load. I was using the Chrome Network tab to view the loading times of all the various page files.

Ahh thanks. I will remove this script and see if that fixes it.

Thanks for your help so far, let’s hope that works.


Hi Ralph and Paul,

I removed the Live Reload script and all working beautifully.

Thanks for your assistance!


Cool. Glad you got it sorted. Thanks for the feedback. :slight_smile:

you’ve got autoPlay set to false.
I’d have thought true would be better as users currently have to manually change slides.

page loads okay incidentally.