jQuery menu bollix in IE8

jQuery menu bollix in IE8

Hi ,

I have a portal as my data entry and another as reports portal .
I have used a jQuery menu for navigating to portals pages but I have problem with it in IE8 .
This is the page related to data entry portal , because I have used persian language in menu , this screenshot can tell the story for those that have problem with encoding :

and this is the page related to reports portal , and this is related screenshot :

How can I solve this issue ?

I have also tried on IE7 , there is no difference !
Any idea ?

Whoa where did this thread come from?! :slight_smile:

Make sure your HTML is valid

And your CSS

Before we can s tart :slight_smile:

sorry if you can`t see pages correctly , for correct view , “Farsi” or “Persian” language is needed on OS :rolleyes:

I can still see the issue though (it just replaces the characters with ???)

I just messed with the page for 10 minutes and came to the conclusion that validation errors were getting in my way too much. Make sure the page is valid (HTML and CSS) before I start again. That’s most likely the issue :))

Im sorry , Im not a web designer and those CSS code is for a free css template that Ive tried to integrate it with my application , so I cant clean those CSS & HTML for validation because I dont have enough knowledge for it , also I have no problem with it in FF and just IE is my issue , so Im really confused how can I solve it .

IE 8 is being put into Quirks mode. You must fix those validation errors to fix it.

Wow , all of them ?

It may look intimidating but yes all of them (though some CSS errors such as vendor extensions you are using you can ignore)

I`m trying to resolve them :slight_smile:


Also I don’t know if you know this (though logic briefly mentioned it) you need a doctype on this page (second link)