Jquery how to access variable from outside plugin

I got a simple plugin as below:

$.fn.ajaxSubmit = function(options){
    var submisable = true;

I want to to able to access the variable submisable from outside the plugin like doing something like below:

        submisable =false;

How can I do that?

Because the click function runs as a global function, you need to store the value so that it’s globally accessible.

You can use the data method to store and retrieve values on page elements. Since it’s relating to whether the form is submissible, the form itself would be a good element in which to store the data.

I figure out something intersting, I access variable by doing this

$.fn.ajaxSubmit = function(options){
    var submisable = false;
	var $this = $(this);
		submisable = true;
	$.fn.ajaxSubmit.changevar = function(){


$.fn.ajaxSubmit.changevar();// now var submisable changed to true