Jquery form step [HELP]

I want to create an exactly the same form from www.myclean.com submit that first because the one i want is on the next page after submit. Now you see the datepicker that’s gonna be the first part of the form that i want to copy don’t worry about the content i already have it, my problem is how can i create that form step?
I am thinking of this http://www.jankoatwarpspeed.com/wp-content/uploads/examples/webform_to_wizard/# but can i create my own form step or plugin just having a content and only 1 button. Which is gonna be when i am in the datepicker content and i clicked the button it goes to the next content and when i clicked it again next content again then if i reach the last step when i submit the button it goes to a page for example account.php(because im already done registering.)
I hope you understand what i said :)… i repeat don’t mind the content because i already got it, and my problem is the form step. Thank you! :slight_smile: