jQuery Facybox urgent help needed

Hi All. Im working on a website which you can see here!'I am using Fancybox for showing photo galleries and Youtube movies. Everything is actually working fine, except for the Youtube movies on Firefox. They just give sound but no video, as you will see. Is there some kind of fix for this needed?

Any help will be highly appreciated. Thank you in advance.

Hi donboe,

The videos work fine for me on the latest FireFox.
Which version are you using?

Hi Pullo. I looked under About Firefox and this is th information that is displayed. 18.0.2. Not sure if that is right? Anyway I found some related problems on Google so I thought It is/was something well known. I will check it on some other computers later today and keep you informed.


That’s the version of FF I’m on, too.
I might point out that when I load the page FF tells me that I need extra plugins to display the video (I’m presuming Flash).
However, I just clicked this away as FF should do HTML5 video quite nicely and not need Flash, and indeed, then the video starts to play.


the video is looking good and sound is also clear…try to update your browser version…

Thanx Regards!!

Thanks for testing, but what are you testing in?
Firefox? Latest version?

If you read the OP’s last post, you can see he is running the latest version of Firefox, so the issue must lie elsewhere.


i will try in google chrome also…no problem will arise…

According to the OP, the problem only occurs in Firefox.
Do you have a copy of Firefox you could test in and let us know if the video plays correctly?


i have to use firefox 18.0.2 (x86 en-US)

and google chrome 24.0

Oh cool.
Can you confirm that the video plays correctly for you, too.

P.S. I don’t think Chrome is the problem here.

Hi Pullo. I wished I got that message, so at least I could check if it’s only me. But I don’t get that message.

Hi donboe,

I just tried installing the Flash plugin to see if that made any difference.
Although the videos now take a little longer to load, they still play just fine.

Try disabling your Flash plugin.

Sorry I can’t help you more.
If I was you I would try testing in FF on a different computer.