Can you view this 6 second film?

Are you able to view the (6 seconds) film on the link below please ?

Could you please state your relevant specs when giving the answer.

The helps appreciated.


FF 3.0.15

I can see it fine.

Many thanks - it’s appreciated.

Can anyone else see it ?

Anyone here on IE6, Flash 9 ?

Anyone ?

Works in ff3/chrome/ie8 all fp 10

Thanks EastCoast - the helps appreciated.

getting sooooo confused on this :

On PC2, trying with IE6, Flash vers 10, to view Youtube videos - can view all with no problems.

PC3, trying with IE6, Flash vers 9, to view Youtube videos, can’t view any.

Ok, you’d think the problem was the older version of Flash, but on PC3, videos can be seen on Youtube, using Firefox ? ?

I’m a little - IF the problem was the absence of the latest Flash version on PC3, when using IE6, why would there be no problems, using the same PC, but with Firefox ? ?

Any ideas much appreciated.


Flash player installations for Internet Explorer and Firefox are separate.
Edit your embedding javascript and add a line to it anywhere:
alert(“javascript is running”);
Then try again, you should be able to eliminate javascript as a cause if the alert fires on pc3

Thanks for sticking with this, EastCoast.

I’ve just done that and now get the message box alert saying ‘javascript is running’.

Is that good or bad :slight_smile:


What does it do on pc3? If the alert shows on pc3 then you know that it’s not a javascript issue.

Absolutely nothing :sick:

Hi EastCoast, looking through this, I realise that I may not have been as clear as I could have been - in IE6, the message ‘javascript is running’ shows when looking at

Any help much appreciated.

I can’t open the network have many issue?

Thanks, but am hoping that Eastcoast is still around here somewhere ?

I don’t have ie6 so can’t say how it functions using that. On ie8 it’s fine.

Yeh I can see it fine.
Viewing with Google Chrome.

Nothing, it doesn’t show at all.

The alert does show.

Thanks, but can anyone view it using IE6 and Flash 9 ?

I could see it.

Thanks, was that with IE6 and Flash 9 ?

Am now getting the answer on another forum, but just as a sidepoint, with 10% of the population still in IE6, it’s important to test work in that browser if you can.