jQuery ajax success doesn't show

To check for a duplicate entry on our database, I have HTML:

<input class="form-control" type="text" id="items" name="items" value="{$items}">
<span class="duplicate" id="duplicate"></span>

The jQuery ajax script:

            var items= $(this).val();
            var Result = $('#duplicate');
            if(items.length > 2) { // if greater than 2 (minimum 3)
                var dataPass = 'a=check_items&items='+items+'&id_cat=id_cat';
                type : 'GET',
                data : dataPass,
                url  : 'check.php',
                success: function(responseText){ // Get the result
                    if(responseText == '1'){
                        Result.html('<span class="success">There is duplicate item.</span>');
                        alert('Problem with query or php script.');
            if(items.length == 0) {

And check.php

if ('check_items' == $a && !empty($id_cat) && !empty($_GET['items'])) {
    $get_items = strip_tags($_GET['items']);

    $q_items = $DB->Prepare('
        SELECT item
        FROM tb_items
        WHERE id_cat = ?
            AND items = ?
        LIMIT 1
    $items = $DB->GetOne($q_items, array($id_cat, $get_items));

    if (isset($items) || !empty($items)) {
        echo '1';
    } else {
        echo '0';

I’ve already checked /check.php&a=check_items&items=Something&id_cat=1 , it printed ‘1’ (without single quotes), but there’s no change inside the result (id = ‘duplicate’).

Or if I change:

Result.html('<span class="success">There is duplicate item.</span>');



the browser will display the alert value.

Any ideas?

It works for me.

Does the browser console show any errors?

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Thank you for your reply. What happened was that I saw a different page, one is to add entry and the other one is to edit entry.
The script is working, after I see the right page.

I’m so sorry to waste your time.

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