Html elements are not accessed in ajax success function

Hello. This is my html code

<div class="col-sm-4">
<label for="area_dd" class="sr-only"></label>
<select name="area_dd" id="area_dd" class="form-control"> 
<option value="">Please choose area</option>

<p id="tessst">I am test</p>

and this is my jquery code


var city_id=$(this).val();




The problem is success function is not working properly. Html elements are no more accessed in the success method of ajax. I mean when response is return from server I want to show the returned data in html element and id of that element is “#area_dd”. Console.log(data) is working fine. But $(“#area_dd”).html(data) and $(“#tessst”).show() are not working in the success method.

can you post a link to a test page?

Hi, thanks for your reply. I don’t have any link because my website is on localhost. I have the main issue on the jquery code I mean why my jquery not accept the html elements on the success of ajax and literally I don’t know why this happen to this code. I used the same logic in some other web page that worked fine there…

These two code snippets are simply not enough information for us to solve the issue.

Yup I know this provided information is not enough but if this did happen to you or anyone out here I mean html elements no more accessed in the success function then please let me know about how you solve this kind of problem then I wil try it with myself. I just need a hint. Thanks!

I would inspect the page in question with the browser’s developer tools.

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