Jpg on front page loading slowly


I have a . Jpg on my front page and it’s causing it to load really slowly.

Any tricks to speeding it up?

Have you optimised the image? What size is the file?

Make sure it’s less than about 2000 pixels wide, this should make an image that looks good full width on most monitors. Or make it small if the image doesn’t need to go full width. If the size is fixed, then resize your file to fit exactly and don’t shrink it with CSS.

Make sure the file is allowed to be cached.

Try and convert it to Svg.

You can minister it using gulp plugin such as imagemin

SVG is great for graphical type images, but but images like photos, jpeg is a good choice, just choose appropriate pixel dimensions and compression.

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Hi Loooved the TinyPNG

It changed from 3.0MB to 422 KB.


Also looking into the svg option!

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