Joomla database question regarding wordpress

I have an old database from when I used joomla with a lot of the same categories, descriptions, articles etc… I want to use now. I only need this information. Is there a way in wordpress I can import this information into my existing wordpress database and use it in wordpress?

The easiest way (that I know of) would be to write some simple SQL queries that copy data from one set of tables to the other. The wordpress structure will likely be different, but it’s not hard to move the data.

1: setup a database locally with the joomla tables.
2: add the wordpress database tables to the same database, if the names conflict for the tables just prefix them with something like wp_
3: Write a few queries to move the data from Joomla to WP.

It looks like there are some scripts out in the wild that might help you do this, but I’m always a little leary if someone says you need to download something…sql is just text.

Steps to migrate your site from joomla to wordpress

If you don’t feel confident in your sql skills, I’m sure you could find someone pretty quickly to pull it off for you.

Dude! I wish I had seen this in time. I did it some crazy way. Thanks for responding!