JavaScript is a Search Engine Friendly?

Hi all,
I have a slide-in menu in my site.
This menu contains the links of the Article pages.

This links are visible to Search Engine when any one searches for this lated search in Search engines?

Thanking you for your reply…

If the links are in the HTML but hidden initially search engines will see them. If they’re not in the HTML but loaded through AJAX, or built by javascript from an array for example then search engines will not see them.
Open your page and do a “view source” in your browser. That’s exactly what search engines see.

I included the JavaScript file in to the html page in a head section…
But when i used to see the view source as you suggested, it is not showing all the links, it is showing the include page URL only.

What is the status, is it feasible from the Search Engine point of view?

Can you please post a link to the website in question?

Sorry, am added the code in locally for testing purpose.
Although, i attached the content and code for this page.

test-html.doc is having all HTML Code,
In this code, i high lated the JavaScript include code as bigger size and bold format…
where as, js.txt is having the JavaScript code…

It is not allowing the page, to show the slide-in menu in IE, Why?
(means, IE blocking the menu and remaining page as it is.)

Thanking for your reply…

Chances are very good, if you are including your links via an included javascript file, that the search engines are not seeing them. The search engines can crawl some javascript files and code, but no ones knows how often or how well they do this, so it is always best to include any links you want crawled and followed in the html rather than in an included javascript file.

Using javascript and Ajax is not crawl by search engine this is because of security reason, so it is advisable to not using Javascript in a link for optimizing your website.

Using javascripts, Flash, Flex are not too good for SEO. Because when we choosing js, it no longer display our contents in html page. But the users can actually view the content. So search engine crawlers will not find our data from the js pages.