JavaScript content indexing?


We’re just working on a new “lite” CMS product for our customers where we can give them some JavaScript code to embed into their website (no matter where it’s hosted) which pulls in some dynamic content that they can edit from a central login.

My question is will Google search the text that get’s displayed via the JavaScript? Here’s our demo page - (appologies for the random content) if you look at the source you’ll see javascript loader and that the html doesn’t get rendered.

Will this be of any SEO use or do we need to look at a different way to load the content?

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Theoretically, it should index and rank just like others.
Reason is search engine bots look at the rendered content, not the source code.

You can check with a bot viewer tool (google, there are many tools around) what search engine would see on that page.

Hmm…thanks. I’ve tried the onpage optimisation tool on SEOMOZ for that page using the text in the H1 and it said it couldn’t find it. And the SE Spider tools I’ve tried all skip that content too. So not looking good.

We can write different implementation methods for .net and asp so that actual content gets rendered, but we were looking for something that would work for all sites no matter what the filetype or hosting restrictions. Any idea of a better way to achieve this?

Yes but if the rendered code is modified by Javascript, and the robot doesn’t process Javascript, it won’t see that bit of the code.

The word from the horse’s mouth is that Google does not read Javascript.
Can Google Site Search index JavaScript content on my pages? - Custom Search Help
While there is a school of thought that Google has started to process JS experimentally, it is certainly not in a state where you can rely on it. In a nutshell, any content that you want search engines and all users to be able to access must be contained in the raw HTML, not in Javascript only.

Thanks Stevie.

Kind of what we’d figured. Have now got seperate integration methods for, .asp and .php to load this dynamic content differently so it will put html into the source. Just means we don’t have an SEO friendly method for .html websites.



Why not? Aside from being able to process HTML files as PHP, including the file type in the URL is not usually necessary.