Javascript- How to delete firestore row data by firestore Id in html table

i’m trying to delete particular row data on button click.
js code is below:

/* ========================|City Get|====================== */
  const listcitydata = document.querySelector("#listcitydata");
  var srno = 0; 
  var first = db.collection("citymaster").orderBy("cityname", "asc");
     first.get().then(function (querySnapshot) {
        querySnapshot.forEach(function (doc) {
            let tr = document.createElement('tr');
            listcitydata.innerHTML += "<td>" + srno + "</td> <td>" + + "</td> <td>" + + "</td> <td>" + '<input id="Button" class="btn btn-danger" type="button" value="Delete" onclick="DeleteCityMasterData()" />' + "</td> "
/* ========================|City Delete|====================== */
     function DeleteCityMasterData(id) {
         if (confirm("Are you sure you want to Delete City Name? ",id)) {
             db.collection("citymaster").doc(id).delete().then(function () {
                 console.log("Document successfully deleted!");
                 window.alert("City Name Delete!");
             }).catch(function (error) {
                 console.error("Error removing document: ", error);
         else {
/* ==================================================================== */

how to pass parameter throw id ( to the delete function.

Well, the simplest answer is going to be ‘fix the first bit to actually send the id to the second bit. Right now its sending nothing.’

thanks for replay,


<input id=“btnDeleteCity” class=“btn btn-danger” type=“button” value="Delete"onclick=“DeleteCityMasterData(‘+id+’)” />

pass id but getting error:

index.html:1 Uncaught ReferenceError: AtL4nkBNDRCPTuIE1CF6 is not defined at TMLInputElement.onclick (index.html:1)
onclick @ index.html:1

city delete 1

Doesn’t make much sense for a ReferenceError - you’re not referring to anything at that point.

What does it show you when you click on the index.html:1 link in that error message?


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