Javascript functions

somone help me in finding why the computer does not play: The user always wins?

let compScore=0;
let playerScore=0;
let count=0;

/* STEP1: create a function computerPlay to
generate a random answer from the three choices
"Rock,Paper or Scissors" */

function computer(){
    let ranNum = Math.floor(Math.random() * 3);
    switch (ranNum) {
        case 0:
           return "Rock";
        case 1:
          return "Paper";
        case 2:
           return "Scissors";

// Now lets create a fuction that prompts the user to enter a selection from the 3!
function player(){
 let pSelect = prompt("Rock, Paper or Scissors?");
  let selectVal = pSelect.toLowerCase();
return selectVal;

/* STEP2: Make your function’s playerSelection parameter case-insensitive
 (so users can input rock, ROCK, RocK or any other variation).*/

/* STEP3: Write a function that plays a single round of Rock Paper Scissors
The function should take two parameters - the playerSelection and 
computerSelection - and then return a string that declares the 
winner of the round like so: "You Lose! Paper beats Rock" */
function singleRound(computerPlay,playerSelection){
  playerSelection = player();
 computerPlay = computer();

  if (playerSelection === computerPlay) {
    return 'It\'s a tie!';
  } else if (playerSelection === 'rock') {
    if (computerPlay === 'paper') {
      return 'Computer wins!';
    } else {
      return 'You win!';
  } else if (playerSelection === 'paper'){
    if (computerPlay === 'scissors') {
      return 'Computer wins!';
    }else {
      return 'You win!';
  } else if (playerSelection === 'scissors') {
    if (computerPlay === 'rock') {
      return 'Computer wins!';
    } else {
      return 'You win!';


 /*NOTE THAT: Important note: you want to return the results of this function call,
  not console.log() them. To test this function console.log the results: */

  /*STEP4: Write a NEW function called game(). Use the previous function inside of 
  this one to play a 5 round game that keeps score and reports
   a winner or loser at the end. call function 5 times or use loop */
    function game(){
      playerSelection = player();
      computerPlay = computer();

      do {
        // function call for single round

        let gameRound;
        gameRound = singleRound(computerPlay,playerSelection);
        if (gameRound==="Computer wins!"){
        } else if(gameRound==="You win!"){
        }else {

        if (compScore > playerScore){
          console.log("COMPUTER WINS!!");
        } else if(playerScore > compScore){
          console.log("PLAYER WINS!!");
          console.log("IT'S A TIE");}

        return count;
        return playerScore;
        return compScore;


      // this function should allow for five calls to the single round function
      // this function should keep records of scores and returns a winner from the 5 calls

From the comments in the script it looks as though you are missing something. Step 2 is empty, and the comments at the end suggest there should be a couple more functions…

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This looks to be some homework.

Be careful with assistance given for homework, as people have fun by trying to make it clear to the teacher that “someone else” did your work for you.


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