Javascript contact forms

I really need your guys help as i have built a website and have added two contact Now the contact duplicated the forms . and i’'ve reupdate all files especially sendmail.js and contact.js . that I cannot get to send to an email when you click send. And I have run out off ideas on what to do.

So if anyone has got a solution of fixing it or better way of inputting a contact form pleeessssee giv me a shout

it is currently at:

Please help!

If this is for a real world website then you shouldn’t be using javascript to send emails because it won’t work in all browsers. What id your plan B for users with js disabled or not even available.

If you want it to work 100% of the time for all users, you should be doing this server and not client side.

+1 to that. JavaScript is not the right tool for processing contact forms. (JS can provide nice enhancements, but that’s all.) There are lots of PHP scripts out there that are readymade for this.