iTune VS Google Play

iTunes and Google Play are may be the toughest competitor, what is your choice?

Those are different applications, and thus, you can’t really compare them (apples vs oranges)

Did you mean the Mac App Store and Google Play?

What are you trying to compare? The quantity, quality, and pricing of apps between the two platforms?

Are you trying to figure out which type of smart phone or tablet to purchase?

I am trying to compare the convenience, number of option both allow and etc features

Still iTune didn’t over come from Google Play.

Yes, Google Play is giving a tough time to iTunes.

And Leading from iTune as well… What do you think?

Exactly, Android has captured a big market

This is the only think which helps Androids to get stability in Market.

Android has played a clever trick by entering the small markets and not just targeted the upper class.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to say here. But I say iTunes, since it’s more popular for most users. But this could change since Android phones are popular with many users; and their numbers are increasing. Only time will tell if Google Play will become the most popular music app.

I think Google Play will. Because iTunes is limited to just Apple devices. On the other hand Android is the OS of every second device

My choice is only Google Play.Because it provide good applications regarding all categories and also easy to installed in Mobile.

I agree with you, and it is also the operating system of many many devices.

In iTunes, you get all kinds of things which make you entertain such as music, television shows, movies, music videos, audio books, iPod games, audio books, podcasts, ringtones etc…One who cannot transfer music from one portable device to other can do it with iTunes. You can also use iTunes in other OS like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP & Windows Vista.

Google Play Music match & stream 320 kbps, for FREE. (Unlike Itune or Apple or Amazon or etc).

My preferred choice is also Google Play. Its easy to find and install apps from Google Play and its really giving tough competition to Apple’s iTunes.

Will go with Google Play as it has good apps and easy to install

Thank you all for contributing, but nothing new is being said and I believe this discussion has come to an end.
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