What about the Google Play?

Please let me share your experiences about the new Google Play.

“Google Play” is essentially just a rename of the Android Marketplace.

To be honest I’m not convinced. Once again Google have half-assed their way into a market dominated by Apple and the signs show. I am a long-time Android user and ICS is the first time I’ve really enjoyed using an Android phone, but it’s taken Google to get this far and I’m worried that this move is one of a large number of moves that will cheapen their brand.

Yeah. I saw a shiny new button in gmail and clicked it…not impressed. Why are you trying to sell me an Android App from my desktop computer? I don’t even have a cell phone :confused: Feels bad, man.

I would use it…if it were free…but why pay for something when I could use Grooveshark for free (and happily support their ad revenue)?

Everyone seems to be copying everyone else. IE9 pretty much stole Chrome’s design, Win8 stole ChromeOS’s mobile, web-only design, Google Plus stole Facebook, Bing copies Google…meh. And most of these copiers haven’t been very successful. (I realize that the actual extent of this “copying”, as I term it is very debatable - didn’t want to get into that debate - it was really more of an afterthought)


just play it , it was at Google web store.

Now all your Google-facilitated content obtain through one portal, Google Play. Google Play still sells Android apps, but now they’re accessible through the “apps and games” section of the Play Store.

In honest speaking, it is practical to Android Phones! But it also may disturb the Reputation of Google!

Google Play is a new way to discover, buy, and enjoy your favorite books, online and offline. You can read books on Google Play from your computer.

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