It seems I've broken my template while validating

Hi there everyone!

I started fixing errors on a template preparing for adding some features. During the process of going through the list of errors and trying to fix them, it seems I’ve broken the template.

Here’s the page:

And just in case you’re not seeing what I am, here’s what’s begun happening:

The content of the page is supposed to sit inside a white container, just like the front page:

But all of a sudden, the content shifted slightly to the right at the content start and the white background disappeared until the footer, at which time it reappers.

I noticed the problem while trying to fix the < br clear=‘all’ > errors. I removed those to see what would happen and when I saw the horrific result, I added them back but it seems I broke something in the process.

Validation page:

Could someone help me get this fixed to where it’s both displaying properly as well as validating?

thanks for your time!

Well, fixing the validation errors would seem to be the logical first step in getting it to display properly. I suggest you sort those first and see whether or not the display problem still exists.

BTW, I notice you are using an xhtml 1.0 doctype, with new HTML5 elements such as <nav> and the long-obsolete “clear” attribute (deprecated in HTML4). A mishmash such as this is unlikely to produce consistent results cross-browser. Pick one version (preferably a current version) and use it consistently.

Edit: Apoologies: I was looking at the wrong page there. But you are still using deprecated attributes and tags, such as clear and <font> on your “updated” page.

Your wrapfooter is inside your wrapheader on the broken page which means you probably have a missing closing div.

You are also missing the closing quote on the class ‘genmed’ and also have this nonsense.

<br clear=" all" =""="">

Fix those for a start.

(I won’t mention all the other bad stuff as I am on holiday :))


Hi there Technobear and PaulOB,

I’m a bit confused, so forgive me if my questions are from a simpleton.

Paul, I can only find < br clear=“all” / >(spaces added by me) in the page source. I can’t find < br clear=" all" =“”=“” > anywhere. Am I seeing it differently than you are? I’m seeing my version of it on line 180.

It states that the br clear=“all” needs to go away and to use CSS instead but I’m not sure what the CSS equivalent is. I tried just removing it and it breaks the page pretty terribly.

I think I’ve fixed everything else in the template, I just can’t figure out what to do with those two breaks.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Don’t use <br> and &nbsp; to control spacing in the layout. Use padding and margins instead.

Where you have <br clear="all"> on line 180, remove that. Use padding or margins to adjust the spacing. As far as I can see, the “clear” is not needed, because there is no floated item above it. If, however, you did need to clear floats, then apply a class to the next element, and set clear in the CSS.


<h1 class="clear">The Daily Dose of Dub</h1>


.clear {clear: both;}
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Okeedoke, other than the YT embed errors, I think I’ve gotten the validation done. It should suffice until I can find a responsive theme that will work with that particular version of phpBB. Once I do, I’ll be changing everything over.

I just wanted to say thanks very much to both of you for your help. It’s been invaluable!

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