A tags not working on page

Putting this here as am not quite sure what is up w/this one.
on this page;
none of the book are clickable.
as they are on the sidebar of the home page.

I really don’t see why. Doesn’t look like any element is covering the them. So a bit befuddled. Am I missing something obvious?

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Basically on the working page, the parent element has contained its children due to a clearing div that is in there.

However, on the broken page, there is no clearing div. The easiest solution is to add overflow:hidden; (another way to do it) to .bookRow.

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Further to @RyanReese’s comment I am a great believer in using these free tools to validate web-pages:



Having a site conform to standards eliminates browser guesswork :slight_smile:


yup I use but not there yet.

Thank you @RyanReese that worked. I thought no element was covering them. don’t know how i missed that big one.

One thing I find annoying in this case is how the code provided by amazon has elements being flagged as errors.

I’m going to go out on a short limb here (not much of a stretch) to say they don’t really care too much about validation. It’s probably a company mentality (why worry about it when people are going to use your site anyway?)

Yah. That and the size of them!
I have had the same problem with google when I was trying to wrap my brain around its API, Google oath & oauth2 to access them.
A lot. Lot of the code provided was outdated.
Eventually I said the hell with it.

I usually find that when I get validation errors, it’s code pasted in from elsewhere, like widgets and suchlike. Then have to try and fix them.

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yep sometimes that comes up as well.
but not for me…I never do that!!!

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