Not updating css and html files on server

I have a strange issue of the css and html files not updating on the server when I copy over the files. It’s like it just ignores them and keeps the original files. I do have a php script makes the user enter a password to view the index page. I find it hard to believe that would be the issue considering the css files won’t update. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.


Have you checked all the file paths etc? That is, are you uploading to the right place. You could also clear the browser cache to be sure.

Thanks for the insight. I cleared the cache in my browser and it worked for the css links but not for the html. For example, it didn’t bring in the 2 photo updates and shows a link that doesn’t exist in the html. A link I deleted. Any additional insights? I even downloaded that index html file from the server just to check.

In this type of case, best way to do is to include the extra string in the code

[FONT=monospace]<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css?v=1.0" />[/FONT]


so whenever you change the css file just change the version so that browser will try find the new file name and download it.

you can try this with the flash and images too.

I’ve mostly encountered such no-refresh issues while using Chrome, some times its reload doesn’t reload the latest content, and we go banging our heads only to realize that everything was fine the the glass through which we looked was oddly frozen in time. :smiley: