Issue with background color and design for my homepage slider

I have a site I am working on that looks great in IE9, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, ect…

but in IE8 and 7 the main slider at the top of the page is all messed up (background coloring on the text area on the right isn’t showing up as it should be blue and the overall set up of the slider looks way off…

Any suggestions on how to make this compatible for at least IE8 would be most appreciated as it’s unfortunately what my client uses in their offices right now and they are unwilling to upgrade.



You have two rules for IE7 and 8 that seem to be causing conflicts but also seem unnecessary and removing them should fix your issues.

.ie7 .slide .slide-content.entry  { position: relative; background: url(images/ie7trans.png) repeat left top; margin-bottom: -250px; top: 220px; }
.ie8 .slide .slide-content.entry  { background: url(images/ie7trans.png) repeat left top; }