Is free?

Is downloading images from free?

Thank you

Why not read the terms and policies on the website!

There is nothing on that page to indicate that any images are free. Most look like they are copyright to big movie studios that will be able to take you to court for millions of you start stealing their images so unless you are a billionaire where paying a few million in court costs isn’t going to affect you financially you shouldn’t even consider stealing the images.

There is also no indication on the site that they have permission from the copyright owners to use the images there so you don’t even now if that site is going to be around next week of whether they will be getting a huge bill from the copyright owners.

For images to be free for you to use the site must clearly identify that they own the copyright on the images and they grant you permission to use them.

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That’s the bottom line here. you should assume that you do not have permission to use images found on the Internet, unless the site in question specifically states otherwise. (There is, of course, nothing to stop you contacting the site and requesting permission.)

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