Is yahoo going to discontinue the yahoo buzz

In the morning I tried to submit one link in yahoo buzz. But submitting buzz in yahoo contains some problem. They have shows everything expect the capcha image. They asked “Type the code shown:” but there is no image shown in that page. I tried now the same problem happens again. I don’t know whats the problem with buzz.

Sounds like a temporary problem. I’d be surprised if they dropped the buzz project.

Not at all dear… It would be difficult for users and also for yahoo. yahoo will not like to loose his buzz fans

There was an update long ago, sometime around dec-10, from yahoo about shutting down three of their services namely delicious, buzz and altavista. Later, they confirmed that they will be actually selling it. Haven’t heard about it since then.

Sometime this time of error occurs but that doesn’t mean they will close the buzz. it is impossible