Google Buzz will disappear in just a few weeks

I am not surprised that Google has taken this decision. But I didn’t expect the little message I had on the top of the screen when I logged in to my gmail account. It simply said that Google buzz would disappear within the next weeks and that I could download my conversations.

I guess Twitter is too much twitter, even for Google

Buzz has been integrated with Google+ and I read yesterday that you can now create a Google+ “page”, then you can pay Google to runs ads about your “page” on other users “profile pages” based on their “likes” and the “topics” they discuss or even the “web pages they visit”. All very similar to another site, oh what’s it called… Facebook. :stuck_out_tongue:

Ya, I was not surprised buzz is going to close.

thats a good decision.
it makes no sense having their own products compete with each other.

Sorry for the late reply.

It definitely is a good decision because it simply did not attrack much attention. As RetroNetro said, it has been somehow added to and integrated into Google+.

Yet, Google+ is a facebook like whereas Google Buzz was a Twitter clone. And the public that visits FB is quite different from the people that likes Twitter. :slight_smile:

Google+ did really create a bit buzz but… let’s see if it can compete with FB :slight_smile: