Is Web3 real?

Is Web3 real and is Web3 programming related to blockchain and cryptocurrencies true?

Thank you.

What do you mean by “real” and “true”?

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There are a number of SitePoint articles about Web 3.0. Does that make it “real”? For example:

And the term is not new:


I cannot find any standard defining Web 3. As best as I can tell, it is not a standard. It is a vague term, like Internet of Things is a vague term.

When I search for articles about Web 3 most of the descriptions describe it in terms of blockchains. That makes it sound like Web 3 is a currency thing. It is very difficult to find anything describing a Web 3 way of developing websites. I cannot find anything describing a technical advantage for me as a web developer.

There are descriptions of Web 3 that also describe (what they call) Web 1 and Web 2 and the descriptions are very vague.

Here is some of my personal opinion. I think that blockchain has secret advantages for the anonymous inventers of it and they want to get as much of the information included in their web as possible. I assume that blockchains will allow them to track what information goes where.

That article describes Web 3 in terms of authority and authorization. I assume that the term authority there is the same as authentication, such as in Authn vs. authz: How are they different? | Cloudflare. I do not understand how new authentication and authorization capabilities are a significant change except it might provide a drastically improved method for a secret elite to track us.

Technically Web3 and Web 3.0 are different concepts, with disastrously similar names.


That is very important information.

As best as I can tell, Web3 can be called a blockchain web and Web 3.0 can be called a semantic web.

Most descriptions of Web 3.0 describe Web 2.0 as being the use of technologies that existed in and for Web 1.0 except in new ways and correspondingly Web 3.0 is also the use of existing technologies except in a new way. If anyone knows what new technology has been created for Web 3.0 then it would help for that to be explained. Web 3.0 is defined as a semantic web but that definition is meaningless to me; I do not know what a semantic web is. Except see Semantic Web Standards; it is an official definition. And from other articles, I learn that semantic (in this context) means centralized data or consolidated data. That is very different from what semantic means in the context of a parser, such as in compilers.

As best as I can tell, Web3 also uses existing technologies in new ways. It connects data using blockchains. As best as I understand blockchains, they require complicated and resource-intensive calculations that most people do not understand. Cryptocurrencies require bitcoin mining (I am not sure of the terms) that consume large amounts of processing. I wonder if Web3 also requires large amounts of processing for making the connections.

I think a good article of the differences is Web3 and Web 3.0 are NOT the same thing.

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Thank you so much for all replies.
I meant Web3 or Blockchain. Can it be said that this is the future of programming? Would it be welcomed?
Solidity, Fe-Lang or…?