Is this possible using php and how could i do it?

Hi all,
Basically here is my scenario. Bear in mind I have limited php ability although am well versed in JS and AS and understand SQL etc…

I am currently building a website for a client which involves a user registering (name, username, pw, school), logging in and completing a questionnaire of 27 questions which I have set up in a form which already writes itself to the SQL Db. The answers are entered into the db table against the username which is currently logged in.

On the other side of the scale I have a chart which I have produced in flash which takes a single XML file and plots these answers. The client has requested that the user can see the answers for themselves, their whole school, and the whole community of users. This will be selected from a drop down which will update the page.

Ive worked out how to get everything running at the flash end and I am aware of tutorials which can get sql data in an xml file.

The following things I am unsure of (completely stuck!)

  1. As this is using a drop down to change what part of the db is processed, how do I attach a different php script to each drop down item, and how would i get this php/xml file to be written from clicking a submit button from the dropdown?
  2. How do I get rows in the SQL file to add up each item in a row, i.e. add up all the question 1s, question 2’s etc

I understand this will write a file and the page will be refreshed on submit, will this instantaneously write the XML file or will I need to set a “loading” delay on the flash file?

Cheers for any help

  1. Forms give you values, do something based on the value. eg include $_POST[‘type’].‘chart.php’;

  2. Use SUM and GROUP BY in SQL

Not sure on your setup, but you should do all the processing and then load flash, then the file will be there and be complete when you need to use it.