Displaying php in flash

ok… I’m using AS3 and I want to pull some PHP through and display it in Flash. I’ve searched and tried to apply the few techniques that I’ve found but cannot get anything working… I am fairly well versed in PHP and AS3 and have had no trouble in posting into PHP from AS3 but just cannot get from PHP to Flash.

Anyone who can lend a hand on this one will be most welcome!

_thanks all

thanks for that but I’d rather do it without any add ons as I know is possible … anyone who has done this and can advise on the best method of getting PHP into Flash (AS3) - please add your thoughts!

_thanks all

Why not just call a remote php file and return the data in xml format?
You can use LoadVars or a few others to return external data.

thanks - do you have any decent links ? - I can’t seem to find a good one <

_thanks again