Is this okay to use

Hi, I am not a designer can I ask some suggestion is calibri is okay to use as standard font in our website ?

Thank you in advance.

Are you asking if anyone will hurt you for using this font? What makes it “OK to use” in your eyes?

The answer is yes. Or no. Or possibly maybe. It depends.

Calibri is a decent font. It’s relaxed and easy to read, it’s available on pretty much any Windows device that’s still going … and while I know some designers sneer at it, as being a bit too common and plebeian, they are the kind of people who will sneer at anything.

But notice I said there “Windows device”. Calibri isn’t available on iOS, so if you want a consistent design across iPhones, iPads, iGadgets and everything else then Calibri may not be the one for you. (I have seen a suggestion that it may be available to use through Google Fonts at,700,400italic,700italic, but I don’t know if that is accurate).


Thank you for explaining me and also informing me that calibri is not available in iOS iPhones.
I’ll try google fonts.

Yes.Most of the sites use calibri for content writing.

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CCS font stack have a list of how commonly the basic web fonts are found on the different platforms. It makes it easy to pick out fonts that give the site a consistant look amongst devices - I’ve found it very useful when setting out font families in my CSS.

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