Google Fonts For Websites?

I just started watching the tutorials on Learnable. Very cool website.
Today I learned about Google Fonts. So let me see if I have this right. I can start using the fonts that Google shares on my website by using the code? Is it wise to use all of the websites from Google? Is it done through html or css?
Just wanted to run these beginner questions by you. I’m getting back into the game of design and have a lot of learning to do. :smile:

Yes. :smile:

It’s quite safe to do so. The thing is, you specify a series of fonts in your CSS, so if the Google one fails for any reason, the browser just chooses the next one, so there’s no danger.

You place a link in the head of your HTML files, something like this:

<link href=",700,400italic,700italic" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Then you call that font in your CSS as normal. E.g.

h1 {font-family: lato, arial, helvetica, sans-serif;}
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Definitely! One of the advantages of using Google is that a ton of other people do too. This means there’s a better chance that someone has the same exact font cached in their browser from another site they’ve visited which in turn speeds up your site.

This also holds true for common JavaScript libraries. Not to mention that Google has redundant servers, so if one of their servers are down another will pick up the slack.

Playing Devil’s Advocate, here.

As if it isn’t easy enough for Google to track and collect data on every click in the world, this makes it even easier.

Just sayin’…


only possible negative. i don’t know if they cache, so if the internet goes down you might not have the font display as selected, it would default to whatever.
I think. Or at least had that experience.