Is this example done in Flash?

Hi, on Google’s homepage their is guitar strings n such and once you put your cursor over a string and remove it it makes a noise. I’m curious to know if they are using Flash or not and if anyone has any guide to learning how to do this as well that could get me started in the right direction, thanks.

“The doodle cost Google money to produce and serve, too! While the guitar is mostly lightweight HTML5 and JavaScript, it relied on a big Flash file for sound playback. The Les Paul wasn’t quite as big as the Pac-Man game (which also used a big Flash file for sound), but it still clocks in at 180 kilobytes. 740 million visits, times 180 kilobytes, is 124 terabytes, or 248TB over two days. If those 248TB were served from a content distribution network like Akamai, Google would’ve spent no less than $9,920 on serving the static files needed for the Les Paul doodle. In reality, though, thanks to peering agreements, Google probably paid almost nothing to serve the guitar doodle.”