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Is there a way I can save that guitar to my home machine? I looked through the code but it is beyond me. Google is going to remove it soon and I would love to keep it. Remove this if I am not allowed to ask.

I cannot see a guitar because I have JS disabled but the image itself is background sprite at the following:

The standalone image is easy enough to download. Though if you just save the complete webpage you should be able to get a copy the page itself; it probably has copyright implications regarding the image usage though, etc.

Dang! Beat me too it.



Yeah!!! Thanks to Les Paul 96th birthday that google made the doodle in commemoration of him, a great jazz player and the inventor of solid-body electric guitar!

me too, I’m wondering how we can keep a copy for ourselves. I mean, just the same from the Google homepage (that it sounds) . :smiley:


I don’t just want the image. I know how to get that. I want the guitar, it’s a fully functional guitar that can play and record.

I also like the Google guitar, but one day I also notice that the guitar was already removed by google. I enjoy plying in that guitar.

Just so you kinow, it’s here: Les Paul’s 96th Birthday

And will likely stay there for ever… Google archives all of it’s logos.

Thank you!!!

Great help. Good One

Download Google guitar from this link just go to and download

thanks for the download

Thank you!!!