Is this a scammer?

I run an online shop Cool Watches | Unusual Watches | Modern Watches | Funky Watches. When someone orders from a country which is deemed ‘high risk’ for fraud I ask them to send a copy of their passport and the card they used to make the transaction to prove they are the owner of the card used.

I received an order from Turkey and the person sent me this:

The name on the passport matches the card used to make the transaction.

They said that they couldn’t send me a copy of the card because they use a ‘virtual credit card’ when shopping online.

I checked and this is what a Turkish passport looks like. Everything else about the order looks normal (same shipping and billing address). The only thing is that they ordered 2 watches which isn’t unheard of but a little unusual.

Does anyone have any thoughts on whether they think this is fraudulent? Should I send the watches?


you don’t have to worry much since they are paying for the watches. just wanted to know, what is the chargeback that you worry of? :slight_smile:

I would personally rather skip the order
than ship to a high risk country.

If they will not meet your terms of
verification, then cancel the order and
avoid the double hit of losing the watches
plus paying the chargeback fees.

I dont think there is any problem in sending two watches.
And Turkey is not like Afghanistan or Pakistan, if you received payment then you should proceed further, no worry.

OK, I think I’ll bite the bullet and send them. I started to worry because I have a list of countries which are identified as high risk for online fraud and Turkey is one of them.

Just worried that I will get a chargeback if they are using a card which doesn’t belong to them.