Is This A IE7 Only Quirk?

I have a site linked below that looks fine in IE8, Firefox and Safari but for some reason in IE7 it shows a big text link with the letters “ue” in the top left corner of the home page. Is this a quirk for IE7 only? Does it have anything at all to do with the comments that I have included in the HTML?


Thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out!


That’s the duplicate characters bug. [URL=“”]PIE does state that it’s an IE6 only bug and has been fixed in IE7 but that isn’t true, unfortunately.

Have you tested it with removing some of the HTML comments?

Other than that, try overflow:hidden. Perhaps that works?

I currently don’t have IE available to me, but try the above as well as experiment with display:inline.

Which elements would I be applying these to?

Hi, I’m sorry but that’s wrong. It is IE6 only and none of those will fix it (not to be rude). I realize you don’t have IE to test with so please don’t be offended :). I’m just trying to help the OP

Thbe problem is that you set a text-indent:-999px, however that’s not enough of a value for big monitors and thus a few characters from the <h1> are displayed. If you remove some characters in the <h1> logo element then you wil lsee it go away… Change it to -999em


Ryan to the rescue. How are ya. How was your trip… I am guessing that -9999px would also do the trick? Maybe I forgot to add the last “9” digit.
Let me try it…

Well it’d just safer to use -999em but yes I suppose -999px would also work :).

It was great :).

Why are ems preferred over pixels? I saw that Blake didn’t feel like removing those two portfolio pieces from the CSSisPoetry site.

Well a bigger value would have worked.

I chose em because ems generally equate to larger values so they can cater for situations like these.

I mentioned to it to him twice while I was up there, I don’t know what else I can do to be hoenst. A direct confrontation did not work.
I even tried blackmailing him. He had a CSS problem and I was like “remove those two things on your page and I’ll tell you the fix”

He ended up being able to fix it himself though :(.