IE7 displaying float differently

My site has a 2 column layout. The left is the main content, while the right is a sign-up form with social icons displayed underneath. In Firefox and Safari the social icons display correctly. In IE7, they are displaying outside the sign up form to the top right. You can find the site HERE. I’m sure someone knows a quick fix for this IE quirk. Thanks!

Hi, forf one thing your in quirks mode because you have hte XML declaration above the doctype.

Remove that XML declaration and see if that helps :).

Don’t think that’s possible. I’m using a custom templating system that uses XSLT and XML.

Well then you are SOL IMO :).

What does quirks mode change in the parsing of CSS? I’ve never studied up on the differences.

In quirks mode in IE, pages are treated like IE5, and that makes coding good layouts much harder/impossible in some cases.

It’s also the result of broken box models and a lot of bugs.