Is there any way to check a site where it is listed in google index

i need a way to know where is my site in the google index. so anybody know how to do that. and i want to know how good my site is. please help me with this

Sites don’t have a “position” in Google as such. If your site is about cats, then you can search for various keywords and key phrases related to cats, and for each one, your site will appear in a different position, if at all. For other words, like echidna or Siberian sea cucumber, it probably won’t appear at all. And you’ll get different results depending on where you are in the world, whether you are logged in to Google or not, etc. etc.

My recommendation is that you focus on making your site as rich and relevant as possible, and not waste energy wondering what Google is doing with it. Pour your energies into what you can control, rather than what you can’t. :slight_smile:

ha ha. i am a small thing. but the spoon is with them. anyway. thanks for advice.

Apart from the good answer you have got above, try to use Google Webmaster tools to check the status of your website and if Google is indexing your pages or posts without problems.

All the Best!