Site not listing on Google

how i can find my site position in google?<snip>

If you enter site:yourdomain into a Google search, it will show you all the pages it has listed for that site.

Simple search on google map of your name listing name when you did it.

There are number of ways. simple write down your site name in
search box and press enter.

You can’t know the exact position number, also because your site has different positions in different countries

I don’t completely understand you query. If you want to list your site in Goolge, then you should do search engine submissions.
And if you want to find your website position then first you have to search keywords for your website suing Google keyword planner, and find your website against that keywords or you may first need to optimize your site for those keywords to get positioned on Google.

you should search your website name with “” then definitely you will find your website in Google if not so you will have to some SEO for your website.

Please be more specific to your question. You want to list your site on Google business directory or You want to indexed your site on Google?

I would suggest posting it on Google+, fast results.

You have to type your targeted keyword (or) Website name in Google Search and press enter you will get the results. There you can search for your website Rankings.