Is something bad going on with Squarespace?


I’ve just begun testing one of their themes. Not super impressed so far - themes have different functionalities so you’re never sure what you can or can’t do before actually trying, stupid).
Also I can’t help feeling that something isn’t right.
There is no community around this thing. Questions posted on their forum don’t get any answers, there’s no one there.
Even the sub-reddit is like deserted.
Isn’t it strange that you can’t find an active forum about Squarespace anywhere on the web?

Is something going on here?


They could be leaving the forum to look after itself and there is no community spirit so no answers.
The knowledge base articles are not dated so you do not know what activity there is on it.

Personally I would try emailing a query and see if you get a useful reply. Also the online chat is active ( unless the dates are left over from last year ) and you could try that.

If you do not get a useful reply I would leave. If you have paid monthly you will only lose one months payment but if you paid for a year it is not so good.

I can’t say about their forum, but Squarespace itself looks to be alive. eg.

They just recently sponsored here at SitePoint

They recently tweeted

And they have posted on Facebook

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