Is on page page rank more improtant than domain page rank

Hi guys,

I’m new to sitepoint, this is my first post. I’ve had a look about the forums and cant find an answer to the following question.

is on-page pagerank more important than domain pagerank. Here’s why I am asking.

I have a couple of back link scanners that I use to check the number of incoming back links that my site that I am doing seo stuff for has got.

What they show is the results in a couple of columns most of which I understand such as whether the links are nofollow or not etc, but it will also show the pagerank of the linking sites first page (domain page rank) and then the pagerank of the page within the site where the link is coming from. e.g. a site might have a domain pagerank of 7, with the page linking to me having a pagerank of 3 or 2 or more usually a 0.

What I would like to know is whether the page that ranks 0 with a domain page rank that is higher e.g. 3,4,5, + is doing my site any favours.

I hope I made myself clear.



To be honest, unless you are running a directory site where you need a high PR as a marketing tool, there’s not a lot of point in worrying about PR. It is just one of about 200 factors that Google use to work out what sites to show for any given search, and you will usually get a better return by concentrating on other factors such as content, code, and building relevant links for direct traffic.

The pagerank of the page itself with the link is the most important. Sometimes google doesn’t display the pagerank of internal pages, so you can’t completely depend on that. What you can look at is the quantity and quality of the links on the page linking to you. For example, if you have a domain that is pagerank 7, but then all you have is link in the blog comments that are spammed by everyone under the sun, that link probably isn’t helping that much. But if the pagerank 7 site has a story all about your site, that would be much better.

Thanks for the help.

To be honest that is more or less what I suspected, I shall search the forums for advice with regards to getting page rank spread around my site from page to page. My site at the moment has pagerank 3 for the front page and pagerank 0 for the internal pages.

I asked the question because I have downloaded a number of link building tools that return pagerank values from lining sites but only show the firstpage pagerank, not the pagerank of the linking page. This is clearly misleading as these tools are sold as aids to link building so it goes to show.



PageRank specifically applies to an individual page - there is no such thing as “domain pagerank”. Yes, the home page will also have a particular PR, and you would usually expect this to be higher than the PR on any other page on the site - PR is all about link quantity and quality, and most links to a site will point to the home page rather than deep linking.

The PR of the home page only affects links on the home page. It is irrelevant when looking at links from other pages on the site; the only PR that you need to consider is the PR of the page where the link to your site is.

(But also remember that published PR is always way out of date, and that PR is only one factor of about 200 that Google use to calculate your position in the search results, so it isn’t worth getting too worked up over)

:tup: Extremely hard considering there is no such thing as domain page rank!

I’m going to be merciful. Rather than continue to let this thread fill up with more posts about how important something that doesn’t exist is. Thread Closed.