Is It possible To Create a PHP Code to Link Two Users Databases?

Is It possible To Create a PHP Code to Link Two Users Databases, What I mean is I have a website where users have to signup, I want the same users to use The forum using same Login so they don’t need to resign-in again!
Let’s say I have Database of the website called: website_db and Forum_db and I want to make a bridge between them so that the users can use same login credentials that will be stored in both databases. in other word i want a single sign in .
Please I need Your expertise and knowledge. Could please help me get that PHP code ?? :slight_smile:

What app or sort of app is the website?

What is the forum software?

Hi SpacePhoenix :slight_smile:
I am using : Website: Flynax
Forum : SMF (Simple Machines)
Can you help please :slight_smile:

If you’re not already tied down to SMF, consider phpBB as there is a “bridge” already available

If you’re already tied down to SMF then you can still bridge it:

It’ll take longer and you’ll need to properly test that the bridge works

Yes I already have SMF but I am not really into PHP am kindda ignorant :stuck_out_tongue: I will try that and let you know about the results really thank you you are the man! :slight_smile:

to be frank, I understand nothing lol like its a language from another planet :stuck_out_tongue: could you please go through with me so i can exicute what it’s required, please! :slight_smile:
I can not find the two attachments ??