Is it legal to buy a domain name when it becomes available and to then forward that d

I am not sure how this works legally. If someone were to buy a domain after it had expired and the renew period had ended and the original owner had not renewed could a competing business then legally forward traffic to their own site after buying the domain? In this case the domain is the name of the other business.

Why not just get a new one instead of just purchasing a used domain name. You could also have the name of your choice. I think what you want can be done what with lots of paper work and effort.


If the domain name become availible for the registration after expiration that means that no one even some domainers are not interested in it.

very well said…so a trademark is generally the first thing you would inquire about when registering a domain name…?

If a business fails to pay the renewal notice and they then miss the grace period, the domain name is entirely up for grabs even if it is the name of a business. The only exception is where the domain name refers to a brand or identity which is either a registered trademark, a patent for a product (the name and function) or if the person who baught the website either tries to sell it back at an increased rate or if they try and clone the website passing themselves off illegally as the other business when the business can claim legal ownership (due to trademark) - known as cybersquatting.

If the domain is available for registration how it will be illegal if you register that?

If you read what I said before about trademarks, under law if someone owns a trademark to a brand name, domain names are inclusive as forms of identity which are covered under the law. It is a criminal offense to knowingly register a domain name which the identity is protected by a registered trademark, just because you can register a name does not mean you are entitled to do so. Under the law you could be sued for trademark infringement, intellectual property violations and cybersquatting (which in itself is criminal).

It is abosutelly legal if there is no trademark issue :smiley:
Best of luck.

It is clearly not your problem that the original owner did not renew. The traffic comes with the domain and there is nothing illegal about it. Looks like you have a win-win situation on your hands.

You can feed off the traffic and have AdSense pay you massively…Or you can try to sell the domain back to the business for big bucks.

If that domain name becomes available for the registration that means that old owner is not intersted anymore in that domain name. IMO - there is nothing to worry about

Yes it is legal.
Because the older owner get e-mails for renewing and reminders also and if s/he did not continue it means s/he is not interested anymore in that domain name. After redemption period the domain was open for everyone.