Is it good to do changes in PPC campaign daily?

Hi, I am doing changes on daily basis in my PPC campaign.I am getting no improvements instead of doing all this.Please can you guide me to improve my campaign results.

PPC is not actually search engine optimization. These types of questions should be asked in the Promotion Techniques forum.

Changing your PPC campaign isn’t necessarily a bad thing in terms of results as you only pay for what you receive in terms of results, but it is going to seriously limit the usefulness of your reporting. It’ll be tough for you take decisions regarding your campaign without having data to back up your actions.

In answer to the question in the title, I did a lot of changing early on, but now I don’t make many changes as my ROI is effective consistently.

Jeff is right - it’s all about having enough data to evaluate. If you’re getting 5,000,000 impressions every day, then you can probably make a better assessment of the ad’s effectiveness than if you’re getting a trickle of impressions.