Is PPC is the good option for Internet Marketing?


I am doing SEO for my websites from a long time , but i think it’s alone is not sufficient for internet marketing of my website. I am thinking of doing PPC but is is a really good option for internet marketing . How can i start with can anybody please give me a brief about it ??


Yes, PPC is a good option if you want to get more traffic, but for this you will have to pay for every single click on which visitor will click. The ads that shows at the right hand side of every search in Google are called PPC ads.

PPC campaign is more costlier. If you have sufficient funds and expert in PPC then you can get good ROI. Before running PPC campaign go through tutorials and related videos. These will help to understand PPC campaign

PPC can be a good way to get customers, but you need to make sure that you’re getting good value out of it, and that for every £/$/€ (etc) you put into advertising, you get at least that back in extra revenue. The best way to check this out is to give yourself a one-off advertising budget that you can afford to ‘throw away’, and then just try it out. Make sure you set up your tracking so that you can see not only how many people click on your ads, but also how many of those people follow through to making a transaction.

The danger about PPC is that you end up paying for visitors who don’t engage with your site and don’t become customers. If your ads are well written and well targeted then that shouldn’t be a problem, but you want to keep monitoring it just to make sure.

Oh yes, you must get going with it…In order to make the most of your marketing campaign, you must combine paid efforts (PPC etc) with unpaid ones (SEO)…since both have their own advantages…

Its highly recommended to test the profitability of keywords via PPC before going for SEO… so that you don’t end up wasting your efforts in SEO for keywords that do NOT convert!
Here’s some help:

SEO is the best option but if you want ppc traffic then start with small budget campaigns and with free ppc coupon of adwords or adcenter and bidvertiser. then try other advertising methods like banner advt. pop ups etc.

Why is SEO the best option? You can’t guarantee listings, you can’t up traffic during peak seasons, you don’t control messaging… SEO may be free and plentiful but, so long as there’s margin in your business, there’s a lot to be said for reliability in growing your business… which is why most businesses do it.

Correct me if I am wrong… I guess PPC is part of SEO… PPC is one of the methods in SEO which not free. You have to pay for the clicks that your site be getting from visitors… I never used this method though but I guess finding the target market is essential in setting up PPC campaign.

It’s a question of semantics.

In general SEO is organic placements and PPC is clearly paid search. These both fall under SEM [search engine marketing] although there are people who say SEM to refer to paid campaigns exclusively as well. So when in doubt, it’s best to try and read the intent of the sentence rather than go off the term alone.

PPC is a very good alternative if you can afford the price of it.
I my self I used SEO for my sites. True I tried PPC with good results … but in comparison with Seo … to expensive ( although I had 0.01$ bids )

PPC is great as long as you know what you’re doing and you have a sufficient budget. But for anyone really serious about having an online business, they have to take advantage of both PPC and SEO. One both is mastered, the results can be astronomical.

Normally people use SEO but PPC is better. It gives good Result. But i must say PPC is bit costly than SEO.

PPC is instant but you pay for your traffic forever. It’s like renting. You stop paying and your traffic stops.
SEO takes time but the rewards continually increase. Like paying off a home loan. At some point you could stop paying and you still get traffic.

I couldn’t agree more. Personally, I don’t see this tactic very useful to my sites. Of course, we must always look into getting a lot of traffic but I focus more on the “conversion rate”. There are a lot of affiliate marketers who will be more than excited to have you on their site’s banner fields but the price would be so high.

In your OP you said you SEO efforts were not enough for your “internet marketing”. Did you actually mean making money with your sites? If so, why not concentrate first on your site’s content. I have a feeling, PPC is not the solution to your problem right now.

Of course PPC is a good option for you, with PPC marketing, you can also get an instant worldwide exposure for your products or services at a reasonably low cost.

Everyone knows that, but its NOT low cost at all.

Being able to buy qualified visitors for pennies up to a few dollars is considerably lower than other paid tactics. While that may be more than you’re use too, in relative terms search is cheap. Whether or not conversions come at a cheap rate is another story.

Good point. But I’d like to take it back to the conversion rate you get from your visitors from ppc because I think its all that matters. : )

Intent is a powerful factor in driving results and search is about as close as you can get to express interest. As an industry average, PPC nets out to be one of the most profitable methods of advertising. Google doesn’t make billions because PPC ads fail to deliver at a cost effective rate.

Pay per Click is very much quicker to implement than most other forms of advertising. It is very fast to respond to changing market demand or changes in company situation and campaign budgets can be increased / decreased or paused almost instantly.