Is Guest Post Effective Way

I have a doubt that Guest post link building is a effective way to increase rank?
If yes then please let me know in detail :sunny:
Thank you!

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If you’re intending using guest posting as a method of link-building, I’d say it’s a bad idea and you should think again.

[quote=Google]The following are examples of link schemes which can negatively impact a site’s ranking in search results:

Large-scale article marketing or guest posting campaigns with keyword-rich anchor text links[/quote]


Yes, Guest posting is bed idea for Link Building. But if you can do SEO friendly post then better for result.
Do not do Spam Post. (Like link building purpose)

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@TechnoBear I read all the guidelines line by line, which is effective for future work. But in last lines, Google team mentioned that, if you mention re="nofollow" with your links then Google will not pass your site rank to another on site?

Yes, then essay to Guest posting. But not received any Backlinks in the future.

I think possible generate Traffic and Reference Visitor.

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Yup, I think Google is right about link building stuff…

yes, google update this rule 2 years ago i think. Before 2 years ago too many Link builders use this trick for Link building. and also do effective on google Page rank.

Bed luck for SEO person.

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Yeah, I’m working since 2012 and yet never tried or adopt link building strategy but getting pretty good traffic on my blogs and community forums. :wink:

If a site marks external links as “nofollow”, then those links won’t pass PageRank to the site they target. That means that if people post low-quality, Spam links, the site won’t be penalised for allowing them. (External links here on the forums are marked nofollow.)

Yeah, I noticed :smile:

That is why, I always preferred nofollow external link on our blogs and community forums.

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Now a days guest posting is not a good idea to generate link building but if you are creating it for traffic then it is good keep it up, But use only no follow link where you will get organic visitors so, keep it up.

I think, it is one that helps in increasing the ranking though it does not necessarily mean that it is the best. There are also other ways like using facebook, twitter and other social media.

How do these improve ranking? They mark external links nofollow, in accordance with Google’s guidelines, so are useless for backlinks.

Expert says, “Are you writing a high-quality, authoritative essay on a major website in your industry or niche and the link is comprised of the text naming your website? Then the answer is- yes.” :slight_smile:

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Which expert? If you’re quoting another source, then please reference that source, so that we have the full information - and so that the original author gets the credit.

Guest posting is effective way to drive organic traffic. But if you want use it only for the link building purpose then it is bad idea…

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