Is Google Wave going to die?

I just read something, I think Google Wave is going to die -…_now_what.html

I think they will support it by the end of the year, but it’s honestly news to me.

Has anybody else heard about this. I think this is the wrong time to pull the plug on something like this.

yeah, its dead…google wave lost its battle to other social networking site…it has some bugs and other features that other people cant find it useful…

Came to know about it sometime ago, they seem to have released the source code too.

People at a company in my locality used it for internal communications, heard from them that they would need to rollback.

While in personal life I never found it useful, besides the beta was unreliable, a text file attached to one of the waves became unrecoverable after 1 month.

It was just live a wave :wink:

I especially saw it’s potential with HTML5, which is what it was designed around. Maybe it was too early of a product.

Shame really, Wave had some real potential to evolve the IM / Email market, unfortunately they marketed it poorly and thus everyone got confused and gave up. :frowning:

Not many people could actually find a good use for it. Every time someone I knew tried it, I got the reaction that they thought it was cool, but then couldn’t really progress from there.

Already dead, smart move, save money for others

Google wave is already dead. Google deemed it over but will see it through throughout the year.

Beta’s are never stable. I thought that it might become useful as HTML5 become in popular use. I read somewhere than you could like websites to Waves, and have live edits on the go. So it’s uses would have been really good.

I assume it came out under the GPL license, so people will be contributing left, right and center. Maybe this was Google’s plan. I thought the code was released anyway.

I don’t think this would be the end of Google Wave. On the contrary, I think this might be the beginning of something which we have something yet to see.

What do you guys think?