Is AI generated content is harmful for your website?

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Until the search engines learn to detect it? No.
Afterward? Dunno. Depends on the stance the search engines take on the matter.
Should it? Probably.


No its not harmful i also worked on the AI generated content and it works perfectly fine for my website.

no AI generated content not harmful for your website but when you understand these points.
no all content written by AI. You can generate idea for your content and then rewrite those content. content is easy read and understand . when you humanize the content it will index in search engine and ranking in website.

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No, it’s not dangerous, IF you can fact-check it. If you CAN’T fact-check, then you should not do it. It will be dangerous to the reputation of your website.

ChatGPT is a natural language module that takes information and writes natural-sounding sentences. It does not always understand context. If you ask it to write about Orioles, it may write about the baseball team or about birds. It doesn’t know.

So it’s important to fact-check every line and every word if you value your site’s integrity to your readers.

AI-generated content can be a valuable tool when used strategically and responsibly, but it’s important to balance its benefits with potential challenges to ensure a positive impact on your website.

AI-generated content is useful, but only for a knowledgeable person who knows how to take ideas and how to create better content in their own words.

AI-generated content can be beneficial if used wisely for tasks like automation and personalization. However, it should be monitored to ensure quality and alignment with the website’s goals, as overreliance without human oversight could harm credibility and user trust.

Yes IA is a good way to create content but you need to work a little bit more to rank on Google

I have tried to build a 30 pages Blog with full GPT. None of these rank at this time.

As far as I am concerned, here is my method to create unique and useful content with IA:

Look for a good structured Hn very complete and relevant with an IA tool
Check also the SERP for each of your Keywords to modify or add the Hn structure.
When you have your structure prompt each question and not the whole article in Chat GPT for example
Then change the wording using Surfer Seo or Your text Guru to add keywords for each article
Use the paid version of Chat GPT for better results.

Wow… that just sounds like an ad for… “never, ever visit a blog page again”.

What you have just described is the utter dregs of spam creation.

Haha, yes and the output of these crap is then used from chatGPT itself as new learning stuff.

Brave new world…

AI-generated content can be both helpful and harmful to your website. It offers efficiency, but risks include authenticity issues, inaccuracies, and plagiarism concerns. To mitigate these, human review is crucial before publishing.

AI-generated content can be harmful if not used carefully. While it’s efficient for certain tasks, relying solely on AI can result in impersonal or inaccurate content that lacks human touch. Search engines may also penalize for low-quality or duplicate AI-generated content. Balancing AI assistance with human oversight ensures content quality, originality, and relevance, enhancing rather than harming your website’s reputation and SEO.

Ironically it is quite evident from this very topic that the result can be the same informaton being repeated over and over with different wording masrading as uniqueness.

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AI-generated content can pose a risk to your website if it’s not used cautiously. It’s essential to guarantee that AI-generated content upholds quality, relevance, and authenticity to prevent potential issues, including SEO penalties or harm to your brand’s reputation.

Furthermore, Swishtag, a certified Shopify agency in New York, has observed numerous clients experiencing problems when they relied solely on AI-generated content without any human editing or validation. This led to significant declines in organic traffic, which had harmful consequences for their online presence.

Isn’t that true of every thread on this forum containing the phrase “SEO”?

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What I dread about AI is not Skynet or an AGI, but the loss of authenticity through generative AI coupled with aggressive capitalism and greed.
The web and its information is at most danger of becoming inbred, resulting in rampant loss of quality and misinformation. Thanks to AI also, the web is becoming a massive surveillance and behaviour modification system. I am so pleased that things such as the Digital Services Act are coming forward.

It’s not that much harmful but you should have to write organic and unique content by yourself.

No, Everyone use AI generated content for website

me not…

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