Is 31 Dec.2012 last date of the Earth?

Is 31 Dec. 2012 last date of the earth? and answer is yes. so my question is - what will you do in 30th Dec.2012

don’t be ridiculous

Yes, it is. Everyone will stop using dates from 1 January 2013.

If i would act like there was an end of the world every time i hear about it, i would have been in jail now, or in mental hospital…<spikeySnip>sneaky :nono:</spikeySnip>

Sorry but I am not a joker and I am not joking.

where is your evidence?

laughing at you :lol: :rolleyes:


Geesh man, at least get your paranoid delusions correct.

It’s December 21st, not the 31st according to the doomsayers (I love how we can extrapolate a 5000 year calendar right down to the day).

Wow, great news :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. Even the IRS has said they will collect 2012 taxes starting October 2012.

They’ve also listed out items like Arks, gas masks and other survival items are tax deductible.

Really wierd. Think of all the people who will still be using IE6 in 2014 even though the world ended two years earlier.

Of course this is more likely to be a local phenomena rather than apply to everyone. Perhaps the world is going to end on that date for the OP while it will continue to exist for everyone else.

On a slightly related subject - does anyone know why the astronauts who visited the moon didn’t bring back large quantities of cheese? Was it something to do with weight limits in the capsule or was it that they did tests and found that moon cheese would be inedible to people on Earth (or maybe they decided that it tasted so nice that they hid all the supply to keep it for themselves).

Well, they left the cheese right there with the moon, for they knew about Dec. 31, 2012. A few of the astronauts have a secret mission prepared for that day to go back to the moon. No worries for them, they have enough cheese there to live on for the rest of their lives :smiley:

That is why they did not tell anybody – hahaha

I love this apocalypse theory, it’s all to-do with how dates were interpreted by the Mayans, on the up-side though if you go by the factual information, Jesus was apparently born in July and the monks who translated his birthday got the date wrong (due to the calendar system they used) and they only kept with the December 25th to keep the pagans happy who formed the idea of Yule before they appeared on the block. So therefore I predict that if the world should end on that date, we will probably miss Christmas :lol:

I think the theories which say that we are approaching the age of Aquarius are quite interesting. If you really think about it, humankind has only evolved so tremendously within the past one hundred years. And as we become more technologically advanced, time and new discoveries approach faster by the day.

Perhaps the scientifically-inclined persons would agree that there is a vast majority about that universe that we do not yet know about—in that, is it possible that celestial objects and energies in outer-space are able to affect human consciousness either directly or indirectly. We already know through science that electromagnetic waves can have an impact on the human brain as we understand it.

That and everyone likes an apocalypse, there’s something about chaos which excites people, probably why action and sci-fi films are among the most popular :stuck_out_tongue:

They tried to steal Yule from us, but midwinter Pagan traditions are very much alive and well. Put another pig on the roast :slight_smile:

You’re a Pagan too? I now have visions of you in a robe doing a skyclad dance over the burning fire… oh make the pictures stop :stuck_out_tongue:

oh comon STOP THAT PLZZZ this noise about 2012 is sad… Why you think the movie 2012 was made? stop people from worrying about what is really happening in the world TODAY…

[FONT=“Georgia”]I think you got your answer(s) streamboy.