iPhone Development: 12 Tips To Get You Started

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So, windows users (who are webdevelopers) are out of luck?

Hello, referring tip #10, I want the SMS to be sent to 2 or more numbers. Tycally concatenating numbers separated by comma or semicolon will do, but this doesn’t work for iPhones. Is this possible for iPhones? My tests have been successful for some mobiles with Symbian and Windows Mobile. Example <a href=“sms:12345678900;56265326414;513216544”>Send me a text</a>


Good article!
But this article title is ambiguous. I think it must be “iPhone Webapp Development:,” not “iPhone Development:.”
Your article is talking about webapp ONLY.

But again, great article to start webapp dev.

yeah pretty much, could maybe dual boot or use a VM to run the Mac OS… or develop for google android instead :wink:

@sung - yep, the article is all about web development, nothing SDK-related.

@praetor - no luck for Windows. There are sites and services that claim to emulate iPhone. They often simply ask you to load the page with Safari and resize it to look like a small screen. But it’s not a real test, unfortunately.

Great post! Perfect intro developing webapps on the iPhone

Just wanted to say thanks for this tutorial. Its was very helpful when we made our scrabble helper and cheat app at wordgamescentral.com/iPhone/scrabble/

I’ve translated your article into Russian a couple of days ago.
Here is the full version: interpretor.ru/iphone_dev/
Of course, the backlink is provided.
Thank you for the great article!

Stoyan - I have a real itch to do iPhone development and until reading your article here I confess I’ve always thought a web app would pale in comparison to a “real” iPhone app. The latter is much more difficult to produce. Can anyone comment on whether iPhone users see a real difference, that is, if people tend to discredit browser-based apps vs apps - or do users really not perceive a difference? Thanks!

great intro article. we have an introductory video being made at blog.edumobile.org