iOS6 safari caching ajax on repeated calls, possible security risk

Hi sitepoint, just wanted to share my findings with you.

It started when I was working on my webapp this morning and I noticed ajax calls were getting the same results despite changes I’m making to mysql on the server. I concluded ios6 safari was caching the ajax results. A quick search found a stack overflow thread that confirmed my thoughts and showed a fix. The fix is to make the values in the $.ajax unique.

Then I had a thought - how does safari know when a call is repeated with the same values?
unless it is also caching the call itself?
Wouldn’t this mean a security risk because it would be caching username and passwords off a login with $.ajax ?


thread I found

my thread

Dunno if you use jQuery, but in the passed I have had caching problems also with AJAX calls. Not on iOs, but this had fixed my caching problem.

$.ajaxSetup({ cache: false });